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               Itís an issue that's messed with the male brain for years, women's minds, and now we have litrotica. The honest truth... they have no idea! These women are speaking a different language than us, so we need to read their signals, pick up on the queues and still be ourselves all at once.  Only then can we find harmony with these beautiful crazy people god put us on this earth with.

First and foremost... Litrotica women are all different, but not that different. They can be categorized by height, weight, overall looks, fashion sense, and background. The single most predominant categorization with single women is age. An 18 year old girl will always act differently than a 32 year old woman, and a 32 year old woman will act differently than a 45 year old cougar. Weíre going to look at each of these categories and decipher what they mean from litrotica and how you need to act around them... (keep in mind, this is for single women only!)

Age - The most important category!        

18-21: Ok, so at this age there are 3 primary kinds of girls. 1 - The Party Girl, 2- The Book Worm and 3 - The "Artistic, Pretentious" Girl. They all want one thing... The Bad Boy

The Party Girl - This girl is simple, she is looking for a hot guy that will not give her too much attention. Guys, if you are not very good looking, donít fret... frat instead. You need to hang out with your buddies and show her you are the alpha male if you want her attention.

The Book Worm - She is driven and focused. Her litrotica life revolves around her future career and she loves to plan. This is good and bad. This is a girl you need to work hard to get her attention, but once you do... she will love you forever. You must be clever and coy. Donít be afraid to be funny and tease her. The trick here is persistence. Even though she may give you a "sigh" or a snooty comeback on your first attempt or two, this is just standard protocol. Just stick with it and all that attention that was focused on books will be focused to you before you know it.

The "Artistic / Pretentious" Girl - This is the girl that you donít want to admit to your friends you have wet dreams about. She may have the dark make up and draw pictures all day, but sheís much more willing to try new things. With these girls it just takes a couple of simple relatable lines to get into her comfort zone. For example, you can sit next to her in the back and whisper a comment about how wrong your Philosophy Professor is. Show her you have passion and stick to your guns. She will believe anything you say and definitely wants to keep things casual. Word of advice here, donít fall in love with this girl, she keeps things casual with everyone.

22-25: Theyíre ending or have just finished college and looking to take on the world. They want to travel, start a new career and get over that "Bad Boy" boyfriend they had when they were 18-20, and move on to a guy they can marry and get serious with. They are looking for a guy who has his stuff together or is (at least) on the right path. The 3 types of girls described above are all starting to morph into "the  typical woman." The artsy one has more fun, the party girl reads more, and the book worm loosens up a little. During this age is when a lot of the great girls get married and itís a great time to meet those girls. The good news is that many times they are looking for older guys in their mid to late 20ís, even into their early 30ís. They have also been through relationships and are not looking for something casual... for the most part. If they are still fitting one the 3 types described above then they havenít really matured and will most likely act the same as their younger counterparts. The key here guys... Be the "Great Catch" by showing her you are motivated to be successful, live a healthy lifestyle, and can take things in stride.

26-31: These litrotica women are still single while their friends are all married so they revert back to the college party stage in a more subtle and sophisticated way.  These are the girls that watch "Sex in the City" and order Apple Martinis. These are girls that pretend they want casual relationships so as to protect their own confidence, but in fact their maternal instincts are starting to kick in and are looking for something serious. With these girls, itís simple... be yourself and be honest. If you are looking for something casual... tell them, but if you are looking for something more serious then donít be afraid to say that too. These litrotica girls have (most likely) been dumped, dumped guys and are starting to get sick of dating. They want to know what theyíre getting. With these girls... Be "The Honest Guy."

32 and older: This always means that we're talking about cougars on litrotica .com and pre-cougars are 32 to 39 while girls 40 and over are considered to be cougars. You must try to have a good time because in all honesty, that's what most of these women are looking for... a good time. If you can learn to do that without getting all emotionally attached, you will be in great shape.